Friday, January 8, 2010

A woman with a plan

So I have already written about my plans to turn 2010 into a year of growth, discovery and a better life. Now I need a plan to do what it takes to do just that. In the spirit of adhearing to the word Stability that I chose as my focus throughout twenty-ten, I need to figure out how to accomplish of the goals of financial, emotional, and physical stability in my life.

Let's start at the beginning...

1) Financial Stability...Already I have witnessed how unstable this part of my life is with the very first paycheck of the year.

A) Eliminating Debt/ Emergancy fund-I have talked about how I want to work on a on-going register to ensure all the necessities are paid on-time and in full. But along with that I need to cut out all unecessary spending and start saving. Simple Mom had offered lots of insight into all of this, and she mentions here that the first step in this is creating a emergancy fund, then working to payoff all non-mortgage debt (for me this is all debt, since I currently do not have a mortgage). Her theories seem plausable and I see how I can make this part of my goals for financial responsibility.

B) Organization- While it isn't for the sole purpose of financial stability, it certainly can't hurt and will also allow me to get my house and life in order. There are lots of different aspects of my home and life I would like to organize. Simple Mom (yet again) offers 6 tips for conquering the problems that come with organizing your life here and also links to another blog, Organizing Your Way, where Mindy is planning to offer tips entitles 31 Days of Organizing to a Better 2010.

Count me in! I haven't finished reading all of this 100% but I plan to this evening and start with a list of things I hope to accomplish and be as specific as possible to be better able to keep my self from freaking-out over the giant tasks that will make up the process of getting organized! The 3 main areas of concern: financial organization, a calendar/planner, a decluttered home!
2) Emotional Stability- The overall goal here is to grow, nuture, and maintain all my important personal relationships with family, friends, and the most wonderful man I have ever had come into my life. I want to become dependable, trustworthy and an all-around better person to the most important people in my life. I want to become more independent, reliable, and self-sufficient...I think I can, I think I can!
3) Physical Stability- I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT MY WEIGHT!! This year HAS to be different. I have tried to stick to a diet for the past 2 years, and obviously had NOT BEEN WORKING!! I have to find the drive, ambition, and GUTS to stick to it. No cheating, no excuses. Oh, and I am going to start hitting the gym again. I was doing so well over the summer, then I quit. I need to get re-addicted and get back to not just working on my body, but also my health. I do have a wonderful little boy to think about, ya know?!
Well, so far, that is the broad plan, but we will dig into even mroe nitty-gritty, dirty details soon enough! Happy Planning, Y'all!

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