Tuesday, January 5, 2010

All Alone...

Today proved to be alot harder than I anticipated. Today Jarrod went home, and after a wonderful 2 weeks of having the man of my dreams here in my everyday life, it was hard to watch him drive away and know he wouldn't be coming back in a few minutes or even in a few hours. I wanted to clean my house, I wanted to get the Christmas things torn down and put away. Did I? NO. I left the house and went to see my mom, have lunch and run errands with her. I had to get out of the house. With Austin in school, Jarrod and the puppy gone, the house was eerily quiet and I had no desire to be alone. Shopping and lunch with Mom helped and finding a killer deal on a super cute pair of black jeans with rhinestone detailing didn't hurt either...SCORE!

And once I picked up Austin, it totally helped me. However, now that he is in bed, I have had to keep myself occupied redo-ing my blog layout to make me forget how quiet and lonely I feel. Is it weird that having Jarrod around my home, even for 2 weeks, has turned my world sideways? I am completely smitten and having this time together has shown me that happiness is possible. Who knew, right?!

Well Jarrod and I have been discussing how we had not even ONE picture of us together, and in the course of the 2 weeks together, we have made some great ones. So I leave you guys with these...


  1. Babe you mean the world to me and I think god every day for us crossing paths. I can't wait to hold you agin. Thinks for showing me that I can be happy again!

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