Sunday, January 3, 2010

Focus word for 2010...

I was reading through a couple other of my regular blogs and many others are following Ali Edwards in her quest for a single word to help in shaping the upcoming year. I spent the better part of yesterday trying to figure out if I did this too, what my word would be. Then last night I had decided on one I think fits me best and the goals I want to accomplish in 2010, then I discussed it with Jarrod and he agreed this would be a great word for me! And the word is...(drum roll please)...

I chose this word, because over the course of the latter part of last year, I was trying to work towards a more stable lifestyle, but I obviously need more time to get to the place I want to be. The goal for 2010 is to reach a place of overall stability. I want to become stable financially and make sound money choices. I want to create a stable home environment for my son and myself. I want stability in my personal relationships. I have come a long way by finding the perfect man for me, but I also want to work on being a more stable and consistent daughter and friend as well. I want to become more stable in my physical appearance and by that I mean, LOSE WEIGHT and get healthy with diet and exercise. I want to get myself to a place where I can hit the gym 3 times a week and feel better about myself and my appearance. I want to have a balanced schedule and not cram everything I have to do at the last minute, which means I need to stop procrastinating and do jobs and chores when they are small rather than putting it off until it is a HUGE undertaking!

So this is going to be the word I put into the back of my mind with the choices I make to try and gain the stability I am striving to acheive. Do you have a word you would use to help shape this year? Please share it with me if you do. I would love to hear what others out there want their year to be like!


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