Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas to ME!

Every year for Christmas my grandmother gives me money to do with what I please! As it has become tradition, I use my money to get my hair done. Today I went to see Danielle, the World's Greatest Hairstylist, in my opinion anyways, and she gave me this wonderful new look.

It's copied from Adrinanna from the new 90210 episodes, and I love it! THANK YOU DANIELLE! She put in some blended highlights that gives it a more dimensional look and makes it kind of fun and flirty! What do you guys think?

Monday, December 28, 2009

Santa came to town...

Well I finally downloaded some pictures so I could share all that Santa brought us for Christmas. It was a good year for both Austin and I. We both asked for vacuum cleaners, and Santa brought us both one...



Nice, huh? I never in my life thought my 5 year old and I would both ask for the same thing for Christmas. Hahahaha!

Let's see...what else...

Well Santa didn't bring me this, but the World's Best Boyfriend did!

My very own Kathy Van Zeeland Zebra Handbag! I saw it at Stein Mart and showed it to him, but I never-EVER thought he would go back and get it. Isn't he the best?!

And then there is my parents...

The school I attended (but did not graduate from) is going to be here in AZ in the Fiesta Bowl on January 4th. Yep, you guessed it. I get to go see TCU kick some Boise State tail (AGAIN) here in Glendale, AZ and I am taking my wonderful man with me! We got VIP section tix and pre-game party passes. And to top things off, I get to see old friends who are coming here for the game! I am so pumped!

Here is the perfect shirt for an AZ girl going to see her Frogs play in the Fiesta Bowl!

I would have to say it was a wonderful Christmas! I am super excited about the game and lovin' my new purse and how soft my carpets are with the new vacuum sucking up up all the yuck the other one left behind! So far it has been wonderful to have my man close by while we celebrate the the holidays and enjoying the time together. I also have the addition of Jarrod's puppy (Tabitha the pug...he got it for a Christmas gift for his kids) and I am spoiling the heck out of her...hee hee hee!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

2010 is around the corner...

As I sit here getting caught up on the blogs I used to follow religiously, I ran across a book club on Simple Mom. I am not usually interested in this kind of thing, but the first book is one I would love to read. 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families. I have liked all of the others Steven Covey, so I thought, why not! I added the badge for the post on left side of the blog if you are intereested and you want to get involved as well.

This has me thinking of the fact that 2010 is quickly approaching and I feellike it was just New Years Day 2009. Alot has happened this year and it would be close to impossible to rehash all that has happened but if 2010 keeps pace with 2009, it should be an interesting roller coaster ride, but I will tell you that there is alot to look forward too as well. I have a beautiful little boy, a wonderful man, and alot to be thankful for. My life has been turned upside down for the better in the past few months and I just know that 2010 will be one of my best years yet...


It's Complicated!

Last night we went to see "It's Complicated" and there seems to be some mixed emotions on how I felt about it, mostly because it was hilarious, but the subject matter was a little...well I guess uncomfortable would be the word. We are so used to seeing the perfect family and the perfect situation and the writer/producer of this movie took a more "real" approach to late in life divorces. I guess overall, I enjoyed it but I am not sure I will own it...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The day AFTER Christmas...

Well it's been a slow one, but still quite eventful...

Today, the boyfriend and I, (yes I said boyfriend, but we will get to that in a minute) woke up to the lovely chore of trying to dry out his Blackberry which he unceremonously decided to let fall into the toilet at 4 am. At 7 am he decided it was time to wake me to help him to take it apart and get it dried out to see if it still worked. And I gotta tell you, he got a CHRISTMAS Miracle! It works...PERFECTLY!

After that (well, 2 and a half hours later), we decided to get out of the house and get some lunch and hit Old Navy, where I scored come Sweetheart Cords for $12 each and a couple of cute T's for $4 each, then we hit the bank, Sprouts and Wal-Mart to get some food in the house for the week ahead. Along the way, we went by Mom and Dad's and my mom being the superwoman that she is, said she'd hem my new bargin-buy pants for me! SCORE--Thanks Mom!

We came home and I made dinner, One Pot Creamy Chicken Pasta, and Frizzle (Italian Antipasta salad with dried out bread). The OPCCP is a Pampered Chef recipe and really really easy and yummy! The honey really enjoyed it!

We were planning to go see "It's Complicated" at 9:25, but the boy just decided to wake up, so we may not make it to that one and are trying to decide if the 10:20 movie still sounds as good! But I did wake the boy up and the puppy is now crying (oh yeah, another story) because he put her back in her bed...I'll let you know the outcome!

Moving on to the boyfriend story...

Well, Jarrod and I have been dating now for over 3 months and I have to say, he as close to perfect as I could ever dream of getting. He is kind, loving, thoughful, a great father and an all-around wonderful person. He has a heart of gold and would do anything for just about anyone! He has met the parents, and the grandmother (all of which who think he's pretty neat, just like me) and we got the opportunity to spend not only all day Christmas Evetogether, which he helped me in hosting 13 people for dinner in my tiny little house, but he also got to experience a Hadges Family Christmas at Mom and Dad's. I am happy to report, he SURVIVED, and a little birdie told me the patriarch of the family was wispering to the others that he liked him...YIPEE!! FINALLY...they approve! I would say, so far, this guys has the seal of approval from all the right people!

Now, if I can just figure out what exactly he has up his sleeve for V-Day! All I know so far is that I had to take off work on the 12th, find a sitter for Austin for the weekend, I will be enduring a 6 hour drive which will leave me in a destination in AZ, but I may travel into another state along the way! SEE? It's a toughie! Any thoughts?