Sunday, March 29, 2009

Week in Review: TV Edition

Since very few of the people around me seem to be into the same shows I am, I have decided to share my thoughts on a few of my favorite shows and see if any of you out there have your own opinions you want to share.
For my birthday I got DVR, so I can finally stay caught up on all my shows. WHOO HOO!!
So here we go...


Brother & Sisters

So Tommy is MIA which has the whole family worried but seriously, this guy has kept the family drama going more than any other child! I am kinda over Tommy and his really bad decisions. I hope things with Kitty and Robert get better because they used to be so perfect, and the same with Rebecca and Justin.


Dancing with the Stars
OH boy! I have to say that this season is proving to have a half and half cast. Half of them are horrible, and half are fabulous. There are some obvious front runners...

And I kinda have a crush on a contestant who isn't in the top few in skills but has a charm that makes you want to pick up the phone and dial his number...STEVE O!

The Secrets of an American Teenager

Well, this week was the season finale, and the baby, John, is here. This one is a tough one to critique because the subject matter of having a baby at 15 is kinda past my worries at this point, but it is a compelling show to watch. We will just see what happens next season...

In the meantime, Greek is coming back tomorrow night...

American Idol
We are now down to 9! I have something to say about most of the contestants and predictions as to who I think it will come down to...but first I want to hear what you all think! I have noticed that others who watch this have varying opinions...What's yours?


Grey's Anatomy

Well, well, well...

This show just keeps on getting better doesn't it?! I know there have been some lows throughout the season's but they always manage to draw us back don't they?!

So this week, we have a almost strangling between lovers, a very important brain surgery of one of the originals and an all-important, long-awaited proposal of Meredith and Dr. McDreamy! WHOO HOO!! So my next question is...will the road to the wedding be as long and bumpy as the beginning of the relationship?

Private Practice
This Grey's Spin-off has been working really well! The first season was hard for me to catch on but now that I can record it, I'm hooked!

This week I was absolutely blown away this week when Addison gave in to the handsome husband to one of her patients. For someone who proclaimed she wasn't a cheater (well except for that one time), she kissed the forbidden man who came into her life three weeks ago. Is Addison getting herself in trouble again?
So Share your thoughts...Share other shows you think I should catch...whatever you do...just share!

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